Posted on 27/08/2013

Top - Charity Shop / Maxi - George at Asda / Boots - Topshop

 So this was a quickie blog shoot today featuring my new crochet jumper from a charity shop. I went with my mom to look for old furniture to rework and bam, first thing i see whilst having a quick nose in the clothes rails was this, i just had to have it! I've been after a cheap crochet jumper for a while, because i just can't afford the UNIF multi-coloured one! Boo hoo :( This was only 2.95 so why would i say no!? The bell bottom sleeves are the bohemian dream! Anything bell bottom is! (I've just got to get myself some spell design bell bottom pants...)

The khaki colour is perfect for the fall, to pair with anything monochrome at the moment, i changed after this shoot in to some smart white trousers i had from Topshop (high waisted) and it went brilliantly. I decided to style it with a black maxi dress that i had off my sister .. from Asda!!!! It has a mesh panel at the top, although you can't really see it, so its good to just put underneath things like this if you really like a jumper or a t-shirt but don't want to wear jeans. 

As for accessories, today my boyfriend shows me this little box of treasures which i had no idea he was hiding away! He had inherited so much jewellery. Including pendants, bracelets, sterling silver, stones, it was like heaven to me. SO i would have put some of them on, however i found out after this. I'm going to do a blog post on the finds that are in the box shortly and show you all how amazing they are!! 

... Elysia

Angel of the South... (bell bottom lace crochet all things pretty worded sleeve dress)

Posted on 25/08/2013

Dress - Asos (old) / Hat and Shoes - Topshop

First things first, i do not know what the yellow thing is next to the pot, apologies.. haha! ... THIS, is one hell of a dress right? It's one of my all time faves. I got it from Asos last year, sorry peeps :( although i have had a mooch and there are some similar designs on there so get looking!!! I brought it originally for a birthday and it was massive, and i didn't wear it until the other day when i was going through my wardrobe, and now it fits like a glove... so my guess is my sister has had a cheeky borrow and then shrunk it in the wash... 

Anyway, it features lace crochet sleeves that flare out at the end, kind of like bell bottom sleeves, and remind me of the crochet place mats you used to get at your nans! Or is that just me? They're a great contrast to the silk and chiffon body and the cut out in the back. Obviously styled with black... its all i ever wear. 

Happy bank holiday lovlies... Elysia

Mink Pink 'Its All Happening Coat' Lusting

Posted on 24/08/2013

Ok so i couldn't help myself, i had to post about this A-mazing coat! I was doing a wishlish on Polyvore and browsing Mink Pink's new products and prints and i came across this earlier in the week. Mink Pink have just pulled it out the bag again, but when do they ever cease to amaze?? I love everything about it! 

This faux fur coat was designed by the talented Rachel Evans, also responsible for the other epic mink pink pieces, and just screams vintage mod!! It features a textured dark rainbow look all over with a fur collar, perfect for the fall in to winter and i am going to rave about this coat until i can pull some money out my bag to purchase it. After all who isn't skint these days!? The detail in this coat is ridiculous, you can see every piece of wool in every different hue, even the gold buttons and the silk navy lining are tip top. You can pick it up from for $134.99 right here, so around 95-100 pounds. Just guessing though so don't take my word for that, you'll have to get Google on the case! 

Depending on how you like to wear your clothes determines which size, if your like me, you like oversized pieces, i'd probably get this is a medium or a large so it had even more of a vintage feel to it and even better to just 'throw' over your under dress!

I can imagine this being warn on a fall night's get together in a garden with the chimney fire blaring and the little lanterns dawning in the background with everybody drinking corona and listening to some epic tunes. Styling wise over a floaty cream or white maxi with some chunky boots. (Just describing this makes me want it even more).

I hope to post about this coat.. with me actually in it, in the future... I hope you like it too :)


Pink & Black

Posted on 21/08/2013

Playsuit - Topshop / Hat - h&m (old) / Bag - Primark

So this little playsuit i picked up from Topshop, i don't usually wear pink and try to avoid looking too barbie-ish, however saying that, lately i have brought a lot of it. But to be honest, you can't go wrong with any colour with some statement boots and accessories, black rocker boots whether they're flat small heel or large platforms like mine will always go! Jeffrey Campbell Cut Out boots are my favourite at the moment. I'm trying to get my hands on some soon! (Its proving quite difficult at the moment).

The fit of it is absolutely amazing, it has small bones in the chest that fit nicely and the shorts part of it flow off to give a nice contrast. Excuse my ratty hair also, it tends to have a mind of its own these days.

It has a small print on it... little palm trees, i love it! I thought pairing it with a backpack and a wooly beanie would be a great statement, as they are both such prominent colours. I'm hearing this weekend is going to be a scorcher for bank holiday and this was one of my outfit idea choices, what do you think? Perfect for beer garden and night time! I also tried this one with an oversized baseball dress / tee, which looked great too. 

Night bloggers... Elysia

Navajo Gypsy Maxi

Posted on 19/08/2013

Dress - Charity Shop / Shoes - Topshop / Bracelets - h&m and eBay

This was one of my amazing finds from the charity shop haul the other day. The pattern just stood out to me straight away as i love anything and everything Navajo, perfect for summer days and holidays being light silk material n all!! And obviously the floaty sleeves and hem line make it extremely comfortable.

I kept the dress on for the BBQ i went to that night, and i got a lot of compliments on it! It's a slightly bigger size than i usually purchase but for this style i think it works. My plans were to alter it so it was more fitted around my waist however once i had tried it on, i changed my mind. The elastic band around the mid-drift doesn't sit too tightly then. I hope your not getting too bored of seeing these boots yet, i do have more than one pair i promise! I just love them too much, my little Topshop specials. 

I picked up a small Navajo style bracelet too from h&m to go with my cuff that i had purchased off eBay already. Coincidentally matching the turquoise colour included in the print of this dress. You could put any jewellery with this though because its so vibrant. I thought gold cuffs would work too with a small pair of tan sandals. 


Velvet Obsession

Posted on 16/08/2013

Cover Up - Charity shop / Shorts - New Look (old) / Belt, Shoes and Hat - Topshop / 
Necklace - Primark

I've been slacking at blogging lately, its been difficult to try to find a day where i'm not going to get soaked in all my new lovely clothes! So i apologise guys! It will be WAY more regular now! :)

I went on a charity shop haul the other day and one thing i literally grabbed as soon as i laid eyes on it from a few meters away was this magical purple velvet cover up. Its a little large, but that's the way i like them. It so perfect for this time of year too, end of summer taking me into the autumn. It came with shoulder pads initially and all i did was take them out carefully and it fit like a dream afterwards!

Ive paired it with some little denim shorts and a black crop, simple but effective, or less is more, whatever you want to call it. I added my jewellery, the cuff is from eBay and obviously (the not boring yet) grunge boots from topshop to create a whole bohemian bad girl outfit. Pretty much perfect for ANY festival too, my sisters has buggered off to V this morning and to be fair i wish i was going, because this would be my ideal outfit! Maybe with wellies though, its a tad wet. 

This belt is my absolute fave too, i wear it with pretty much everything that requires a belt, i picked it up from topshop about a month ago and been obsessed every since.

Little tip, add a fedora hat to any outfit and bam, you've got bohemian. I love mine!

So while my sister and everybody else is there today, im going to nip in the garden and do some more blogging in some of my new pieces from the charity shop haul i did in the week, some great stuff!! 

... Elysia

Harley Davidson Weekend

Posted on 11/08/2013

Waistcoat - Saltwater Gypsy / Jeans - New Look / Boots - Topshop

I thought i'd do a something a little different being as this leather vest i brought is fab! I brought it a while ago from SaltwaterGypsy. YES they do other amazing things apart from gorgeous kimonos!!!! And this weekend i have been to a bike festival / show with my boyfriend and his uncle. Both Harley fanatics. What better to feature this weekend than this vest??

When it first arrived i was so shocked it was better than i expected, the detail down the side and the fit of the vest was perfect! I usually team the waistcoat with a pretty flowy little dress because it adds a grunge edge to something quite girly, (always) but i decided to pair it up with baggy boyfriend jeans from New Look, bargain find at just 15 squids! Obviously going to whack on my favourite platform boots from Toppy too.

What girl doesn't love a bit of red lippy too, got some beaut stuff from MAC over the weekend when i got a break from digging out in a field with hairy bikers! So get purchasing gallys! 

Tonight is rest and eat night, after a long 2 days of whiplash from this bloomin weather!  

... Elysia

Braidy Bunch

Posted on 04/08/2013

Kimono - RI / Leotard - American Apparel / Bell bottoms - New Look
Necklace - RI

Let me explain the title of this post first, i watched the braidy bunch last week on tv and was reminded of how absolutely amazing the fashion was back in the 70's, flares and crazy patterns ... who doesnt love em? So this inspired this latest blog post. Even down to the bare feet...
I actually felt like a proper spiritual hippie amongst the bushes and stuff too ha!

This was on again 'one of the hottest days of the year' (how many have we had?!) i've had this Kimono a while now, i picked it up from the holiday section in River Island for a Christening, and i literally try to put it with every outfit i wear. Anything with tassels on lately i just fall in love with!

Obviously, when do American Apparel ever fail? Every piece they launch is super duper lush, especially these leotards that are everywhere now! Perfect with everything and anything. 

Lashings of jewellery as always before my day ahead of gardening (a girls gotta try ehy?)

... Elysia