Posted on 26/02/2014

I'l be attending the Motel Rocks sample sale next week in LDN, great chance to see upcoming styles and lines... and obviously to gab yourself a bargain!! Now we all know, you wont be disappointed! Print this voucher off for your £5 off on the day! 

Watch out for my upcoming post about the day :) 

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Posted on 12/02/2014

Somewhere Nowhere Pink Sweater / shop here
Fleur Of England Lace Bralette  / shop here
Shop Dixi Ganesh Ring  / shop here 
Zara Clutch and Sandals  / shop here and similar here & here
H&M Pinstripe Coat  / shop here
Font Row Shop Leather Pants  / shop here

From slouchy singleton to glamorous girl about town, everybody has there own wishlist every valentines... NOW I know a lot of people can't bare the thought of valentines and all the sloppy messages and Facebook status' that come along with it; even think its a big waste of time... But hey even if you haven't got that one perfect (oannoying) person to scoff Chinese with on Friday, go out with the girls, grab a pizza, go watch Brad Pitts new film! Enjoy it! The past few valentines I have spent with my friends, and we booked a meal and savaged a 10 oz rump steak each and some red wine... when we walked in, there was even heart shaped chocolate and red confetti to accompany us on the table. I can hope that this Friday is just as good! So here are my key items for this month, and items that i'd love to get my hands on for valentines or even recieve ... (cheeky). A silk slip night like dress is also on my list that I haven't included, there's just too many! 

The Fleur of England Lace Bralettes are so amazing, every day I wish I could wake up and put one on, so delicate and girly! Topshop and other high street stores are selling similar ones for a slightly lesser price, and offering other colours, even red, so I'd definitely say this is number one on my wishlist right now!! 

Work away for next term at uni
Practice run little Izzy's birthday cake
Be in a lemon cupcake coma


Posted on 11/02/2014

Shoes - Topshop / Blazer - Charity Shop / Top - Sports World / Skirt - Primark.

Not your average every day outfit I know, but I thought I'd show off my new bargain boyfriend blazer with a glamorous edge today being as its valentines week and all that (I'l be wearing something a little more low key than this for whatever I end up doing I'm sure but hey!). PVC Skirts have been around a while but I've not been able to wear this one yet so happy valentines to me! My mommy dearest bought me these booties for Christmas, isn't she good? I'm releasing my inner hippie with my hair lately, its getting so long and uncontrollable, soon to be experimented with Bleach London products for fun, I'm thinking lilac, or rose! So this week I've been spoilt by everybody for no reason what so ever, but I've managed to rake up some beaut new pieces including pastels and tartan! Soon to be on my blog, and I promise, outside!

Meet friends for a cute afternoon tea
Make flapjacks, again
Hunt for house pretties

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Posted on 05/02/2014

From Top to Bottom: 
River Island Brown Leopard Pony Hair Slip On Trainers / Shop Here
H&M Sneakers / Shop Here
Steve Madden Plaid 'ECENTRCF' Slip Ons / Shop Here

Spring essential I hear you saying!?? YES! So I've been after some original slip ons for a while now, and being as the weather is going to be changing soon, I think that they're more than appropriate for this season! Saying that, I live in Manchester so I could be lying! These beauties go perfectly with any masculine outfit, especially chucking a long line coat with it and some tatty ripped up jeans (also an all year round essential). And they're all under 50 pounds, from high street favourites! At the moment I'm swaying towards the plaid slip ons by Steve Madden as they're an imitation of the famous and well loved Celine ones that are knocking around Instagram like selfies at the moment! 

Third day of my health kick.
Eat lots of oranges
Photo blog a new favourite outfit for the week
Catch up on Supernatural

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Posted on 02/02/2014

Jumpsuit - Motel Rocks / Hat - Topshop 

Despite looking like a blonde tea pot in the first photo, I loved blogging this, because I don't get to wear it all too much. I've been thinking, being as all of my posts are petty much indoor ones, they're slightly blurry, I'm going to do some posts outside when it stops raining and hope for the best! I know what your wondering, why hasn't she got any shoes on? Well my friends, I just didn't put any on. Although it hurt on this floor!! This jumpsuit, although very 'not subtle' is the perfect ootd for actually any occasion, I went to town like this and only managed to collect a handful of looks .. (obviously thinking where did she get that awesome suit!?) Now I just need the pink one! 

Go on a long walk up the chase with the doggies
Restock on black jeans and leggings
Bake rock cakes and flapjacks for mommy and daddy 

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