Posted on 06/01/2015

OK. So I obviously had to use this as the 'this was my Christmas photo' ... (not that that makes any sense whatsoever). These are the amazing jewels my man made me! I have one more ring that can be seen in a different photo but I sadly left it back at his parents. Boo Hiss. Click below to see more of my amazing presents and fun times we had! 


Posted on 19/12/2014

My yet again very monochrome heavy wishlist, oh and also Free People heavy today too!! This is my ultimate Christmas present pile that I would ever wish for Santa to bring me on the big day! I'l start by saying, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this Free People leather jacket... covered in studs... Can it be more perfect?! I shouldn't have really gone to town on their website, because in all honesty, jack has had an earful about how I would love this and how this might go nice with my boots I bought last week, (hint hint)! No but seriously... I'm sure were all looking forward to waking up to our pretty wrapped presents and neatly tied gift bags, until were let loose and the all paper and rubbish gets thrown everywhere, along with the shells off the brussel spouts mom is peeling.

I wasn't hoping to find anything I really wanted on the Zara site, as I have recently got my perfect winter wardrobe, then oh I stumbled across the 'new this week' section. dun dun dunnn. These flat studded points are uhmazing! But so are all of these items, I think this is the most I have wanted everything on my wishlists... ever!! My eyes are flitting between all of these shoes thinking uh those, oh no but those, eurgh but thoseeeeeee!

Anyway, I best dash, I can hear ACDC playing extremely loud outside which is my queue to go and start the cooking for the boy and open the Friday night beers! Happy last weekend before Christmas guys and gallys!

Jeffery Campbell Boots
UNIF Thrash Boots
Zara Stud Flats / Dungarees
Free People Jacket - Leather / Knit Denim / Velvet
All Saints Leather Jacket


Posted on 05/11/2014

Apologies again for the long absence from the blog, I've been juggling university work with a 4 month old screaming teething greedy very grumpy baby! Having acquired all the turtle necks and coats, oh and boots (again) I could possibly want this season. (If you follow my Instagram you'll have probably seen). I have yet again set my sights on some beautiful inspirations for the upcoming chilly season! 
The famous cosy wool wrap coat that has been seen a lot lately, also shown here at the bottom in grey is a winter essential for me! I purchased Zara's version. As of every year, knitwear is a biggy, but this year it seems to have taken us little fashion birds by storm. Knitted pants are still to be gained.. However I did buy a comfy camel ribbed pair from Zara last week! But its the flares I'm after, and I will get them, even if I have to pretend and hide them from my boyfriend. He seems to think I have serious buying issues. But don't we all???????????????? 

ACNE ACNE ACNE, what do you do to us all. If only we were all top notch creative directors and editors of magazines ehy! Why so pricey!!!!!!!!!! I would kill for this damn coat! But hey, lets be honest, I'm not about to spend the entire contents of my bank on it any time soon. (One day when I'm a millionaire and own 7 dogs in their own house and drive a Mercedes G class). 

I love the idea of this oversized sequin jumper and coordinating skirt for this Christmas! I may just invest as an early birthday present for myself and rock this look on Boxing Day (birthday).

Uni work... again
Library for group work... again

Camel Knit Co-ord / Grey Knit Co-ord - Zara
Coat - Acne Studios
Boots - UNIF
Heels - Topshop
Grey Wrap Coat - House of Sunny
Sequin Co-ord - ASOS


Posted on 28/09/2014

We all see skinny jeans knocking all over the place nowadays so I'm taking it back to the live free, have fun, love each other days today on the blog! This is the perfect comfy slip on outfit, the bell bottoms are stretch and I'd say a lot more comfortable than any of the skinny jeans I own. 


Posted on 26/09/2014

Apart from the shoes, this outfit cost me a total of £31! Yes that's right, 31 little pounds for everything including my bag and beautiful scarf! Iv'e been after some smart culotte shorts and couldn't find any as Missguided had sold out and that was my go-to for bargain on trend pieces!