Posted on 19/12/2014

My yet again very monochrome heavy wishlist, oh and also Free People heavy today too!! This is my ultimate Christmas present pile that I would ever wish for Santa to bring me on the big day! I'l start by saying, can we all just take a moment to appreciate this Free People leather jacket... covered in studs... Can it be more perfect?! I shouldn't have really gone to town on their website, because in all honesty, jack has had an earful about how I would love this and how this might go nice with my boots I bought last week, (hint hint)! No but seriously... I'm sure were all looking forward to waking up to our pretty wrapped presents and neatly tied gift bags, until were let loose and the all paper and rubbish gets thrown everywhere, along with the shells off the brussel spouts mom is peeling.

I wasn't hoping to find anything I really wanted on the Zara site, as I have recently got my perfect winter wardrobe, then oh I stumbled across the 'new this week' section. dun dun dunnn. These flat studded points are uhmazing! But so are all of these items, I think this is the most I have wanted everything on my wishlists... ever!! My eyes are flitting between all of these shoes thinking uh those, oh no but those, eurgh but thoseeeeeee!

Anyway, I best dash, I can hear ACDC playing extremely loud outside which is my queue to go and start the cooking for the boy and open the Friday night beers! Happy last weekend before Christmas guys and gallys!

Jeffery Campbell Boots
UNIF Thrash Boots
Zara Stud Flats / Dungarees
Free People Jacket - Leather / Knit Denim / Velvet
All Saints Leather Jacket