Posted on 06/01/2015

OK. So I obviously had to use this as the 'this was my Christmas photo' ... (not that that makes any sense whatsoever). These are the amazing jewels my man made me! I have one more ring that can be seen in a different photo but I sadly left it back at his parents. Boo Hiss. Click below to see more of my amazing presents and fun times we had! 

I had some amazing things from everybody at Christmas, the standard, but amazing body essentials, so I am stocked up with Sanctuary and Body Shop for the next year, and its my favourite so it couldn't be better! The odd hat and unique little bits of clothing from all of the family too. Including some slightly mahoosive Hellbound dupes, a vintage partridge jacket (his and hers) and a motorcycle Levi's jacket! Lots of yummy chocolates and cheeses were among the gifts too, which we are slowly getting though, which is hard being as were on this whole healthy eating shibaz after all the stuffing our faces for 2 weeks! 

Which brings me on to Christmas dinner, 10 people sitting around the table, oh and it was the best, all gorging and having a giggle whilst getting tipsy on prosecco (some more than others ... Aunty Lorraine). 

I'd been banging on at Jack about having my own Harley leather for ages, little did I know he already had his eyes on this beauty of an original! The fit is perfect and I couldn't be more in love. The black embossed back is the one I secretly wanted. You can't go wrong with UNIF either... which he got spot on with the DWBH boots. I've already managed to spend all of my Zara vouchers in the sale too. 

It was my birthday Boxing Day, yes not the best birthday, I hear you! But again, I got spoilt by everybody, which I wasn't expecting, and Jack remembered I LOVE Lionel Richie, so he booked us a few nights in London to see him live... strange choice for our generation your thinking but I'm so happy! 

I wasn't expecting anything other than my favourite sweets, a card and a little somethin' somethin' from my sister, so when I opened my bag and I saw a vintage Polaroid camera in it and some MAC goodies, I was so excited! I know there was thought that went in to this so Frankie, again, I thank you! And I love you! Hudson got his own little Harley Davidson jacket from his Uncle Will and Aunty Lorraine. Can we all just take a moment to appreciate its awesomeness. 

THE biggest surprise of the day was Jack secretly booking us a holiday to Marrakesh, Morocco in April for when I have finished all my work at university! I actually shed a little happy tear. I have been dreaming of raiding all the souks for treasures for years and now I get to, I can not wait! 

Anyhu, here are some other photos from our Christmas festivities! We're so lucky that we're from such a beautiful place! I love you all, I have the most amazing family and friends I could ever ask for, and I can not wait for all our adventures this year. 

  1. Insanely jelous of these presents! Especially the holiday and the UNIF boots.
    Also having a case of hair envy.
    Just to let you know I have tagged you in my blog post -

    merry blogging