Posted on 30/09/2013

Trousers - River Island / Gillet - H&M / Necklace - Primark / Boots - Topshop

First off, apologies for being absent the past week, I've been so busy my heads nearly fell off! ...
I thought i would treat myself to something new being as I've been a busy girl all month, so i brought these absolutely faaaabulous trousers from River Island. I wanted some tartan pants for some time now since becoming a key trend this a/w, and couldn't quite find the right pair... low and behold i walked in to RI after work and these were right in front of me. I think they give a slight twist on the new tartan trend, as they are not quite the typical colours/pattern. Being high waist and getting a free belt was just a bloomin' bonus!

I do pair these with a leather jacket or black blazer sometimes and my hard edge vintage army boots or coltrane boots. This h&m fur gillet came about the exact same way as my trousers... on my lunch break. I need to stop going wondering and stay in the staff room! BUT the one i last brought has been slightly ruined in the terrible weather we had last winter, so a new one was in order. This beautiful garment looks great with anything, leather trousers and a black jumper underneath to create a classy outfit is one of my favourites, but it also looks great with patterned or ripped jeans, my white tailored pants style quite well with it also. 

The fedora hat is a key item this season with every high street store selling their version, and again goes with any outfit bringing it bang up to trend. My dad gave me his old vintage real gold watch a few years ago so i wore it to coincide with the gold on my belt and the necklace was a steal from Primark at £4! 

...E x


Posted on 23/09/2013

*Image lifestyle magazine online* 
John Rocha, Unique and Roksanda IIincic

Now i know to most people out there the pink long line coat is something that only the older generation with a trolley on the bus with UGG boots would wear right? NO! 

There has been dozes of hype around certain trends featured at LFW for SS13 collections by various designers, including the red structure, capes, turtle necks and even leopard print! One of these featured trends was the romantic soft dusty pink colour. Designers such as Mulberry included this colour through their cohesiveness in the way of trousers and also tops. However the big show stopper of the season in this new beautiful colour was the Coat! Ranging from fluffy, sparkly to structured smart designs, there were garments to fit every woman's lifestyle or style. It is a perfect combination of class and retro-ness; when i think of this colour i mostly associate it with that fashion of the 90's... baby pink mini dresses, over sized corduroy jackets and trousers, and even  the good old scrunchie. Bringing this colour back gives elegance a new meaning, adding a slight pinch of vintage to the mix to create the perfect new must have product.

*Image topshop.com*
Street Style photographed from topshop.com shows this beauty wearing By Melanie Birger's version of the treasured pink coat. Below on the catwalk.

Therefore it goes without saying that this his is a 'must have' in every fashion forward woman's wardrobe for SS13, including mine! I've been scouring the internet to find the best high street versions of the designer labels and here's a few of my favourites.

 *Zara.com* Masculine Studio Overcoat £179.00
This Take on the trend by Zara has more of a hard edge combining a softer pink with a masculine clean cut through the design. The combination of the two i think is perfect. I would probably style this with my ripped black denim and heavy grunge platforms from Topshop to give it that edge. Maybe even my fedora?

 *Asos.com* Vintage style Cocoon Coat £110.00

Now i must admit im slightly obsessed with this one by Asos, they've hit the nail on the head with the colour and design in my opinion. Made from wool and being an over sized coat, it gives a super cute vintage feel to it, which i obviously love. Anything thrift and pretty and I am there. I brought a similar style last year in a camel colour and its great to just throw on, extremely warm and cosy too. The styling of this with the black boots is right up my street, i would maybe put a black or cream shift dress underneath this though. 

*Lifestyle Mag online*

Now ladies and gentlemen, here we have the Marks and Spencer's version. This little beautiful specimin of outwear sold out before it even hit the shelves nationwide! But why you ask? This is a steal and only £85.00 and matches everything wanted and needed for this trend. I myself also want this!!! But i can not get my hands on it, still. I'm hoping that is becomes available soon. Because M&S, we are waaaaitingggg. 

... E x


Posted on 20/09/2013

Blazer - Charity Shop / Skirt - H&M / Bracelets - Mostly Boyfriends Inherited 

There hasn't been many white blazers knocking around lately that have the oversized look, yes ok, fitted ones that resemble tux's.. which i actually have, but i wanted one that had more detailing on it that was appropriate for both seasons and a variety of different occasions. So when i found this one i bounced on it! It was originally part of a skirt suit however i just brought the jacket as i didn't want the skirt, although now i kinda regret it! The detailing on the front, back and shoulders of this is exquisite, capturing both elegance and something a bit different. It's a slightly off colour white which i suppose is better than bright white for this because it will be easier to maintain the colour of the garment. 

Skirts are still being carried in to the autumn winter styles as we've seen in stores and online with companies new a/w lines. Of course  and especially... leather! I actually brought this skirt last year however they are around everywhere this season so it'll be easy enough to pick yourself one up!! Its a nice hard soft contrast with the blazer, both the style and the colour of them. 

In my opinion, sometimes, you can't beat a bit of sterling silver, and these bracelets all bundled together are perfect to create either a rocky look or a boho vibe with longer flowy outfits. My green one is the favourite out of the bunch. My mom wants to steal the rest off me ... naughty! 

Anyway G'night Guys... E x


Posted on 19/09/2013

Skirt - Forever 21 / Shirt - Charity Shop / Boots - RI / Jewels - Homemade / Skull Ring - RI (old)

I kinda get that i look a little bit bag lady in this post, but i loooove it. Its such a comfy outfit and adding the plait in my hair made it even more boho-esque with an old school gypsy vibe. I've had a day off work today so i stumbled down the cellar again for this post, the rain doesn't make anything fun! 

I could see myself in an old film in this in a little carriage with my horses and dream catchers hanging around everywhere. The shirt i picked up for a bargain 2.50 from a chairty shop, also big enough to wear as a cover up when its open. OH and it has liccle flowers on it, super cute! Lace is always a style killer (in a good way), whatever garment you wear. This one from Forever 21 is high waisted, and to be truthful, its huge on me because i brought the wrong size, oops! BUT it works as a skirt that sits on your hips or you could style it with a belt to nip it in on the waist!

I do hope i can keep up these blog posts now im starting uni again next week, i'm going to be a super busy nerd with work n all but i will make it happen!

Happy (but sad) Rainy days... Elysia x 


Posted on 16/09/2013

Leather pants - Topshop / Hat - Carhartt / Tee - H&M / Shirt - Cow Vintage / Bag - Topshop / Jewels - Made / Boots - RI

It's been pretty damn cold lately hasn't it, so iv'e been wearing my leather pants a lot again. I forgot i even had them but i dug them out and now they're perf for this weather. AND ITS BEANIE WEATHER AGAIN YAY! You can't beat a good ol' beanie, and this one is my fave by Carharrt, always selling these plain ones, i cut the bobble off this one though because the shape is slightly taller on them. (oops). 

My plaid shirt is from Cow Vintage, they have an unbelievable range of plaid shirts that are pre loved or new for their line, so go check them out, and they last forrreverrr, and for all seasons!! My coltrane boots are must with everything i wear lately as i mentioned before. They're glued to my feet, bit obsessive really.

I've been working a lot this week as i have a new job and i love it there so getting time to blog is extra special now, and im going back to university next week (excite!). I'l probably rock this ootd a lot to lectures or town when i'm going to spend my first wages or .. dun dun dunnnnnn Student Loan!! 

Happy Monday guys ... Elysia x


Posted on 13/09/2013

Shirt - New Look / Skirt - Primark / Boots - River Island / Hat - Topshop / Coat - French Connection / Necklaces - Inherited and made by me

So im really lucky that my boyfriends house has a cellar, and also very lucky for me is that when he was younger he decided to write on the walls, creating the perfect place for blog photos, i think this is going to be my favourite place for them.

I finally got some coltrane boots!! Yaaaay for meeeeee. After looking in every single new look around for the bargain coltranes, i found them in River Island and my papa treated me to them being as I've been poorly. Ahh i do I love him :) Since i got them I've not taken them off, even for work!! I paired my bell bottom sleeve shirt with my bargain slash maxi skirt from Primark, they do them in every single colour possible... literally! Obviously i get black, it goes with everything! To create this bohemian look i added my fedora hat from toppy. 

My French Connection faux fur coat is my favourite thing in my wardrobe. Although i'm too scared to wear it in case i ruin it, it does go with everything i own. Even if i want to bang my boyfriend jeans and some strappy sandals on. I know i look a little Van Helsing but hey ho i love it!? (Film nerd). Yet again homemade jewels once i had raided the boyfriends old jewellery box he inherited.

... E x


Posted on 08/09/2013

Dress - Chairty Shop / Boots - Topshop / Cuff - Carboot / Necklace - Homemade

Yet again the cat sneaked in to the living room and managed to photo bomb at least one photo... the others he was kinda looking at me like 'what the hell is she doing...' 

This is my favourite most recent charity shop purchase, it's quite mahoosive but its a dream to wear!! The paisley print in pink and purple is perfect for summer going in to a/w too. Paired it with some grungey lil boots from topshop, quite a casual look i think for the day. Last night i rolled the dress up and tied it at one side asymmetrically with a bobble and wore it with my ripped up old black skinnies... it works! I picked up this great cuff from a carboot last week too, engraved with aztec navajo patterns on it, it goes perf with my homemade choker, yet again made from my boyfriends inherited pendants. The colours tie in with the dress too i think! 

Its getting a bit chilly now isn't it guys, so i think i'd have to put a little shawl on with this or an over sized blazer to keep me from dying a cold (i'm always cold, even when the heating is on). Honestly, i wore my big black fur French Connection coat, because its like wearing a big hug :)

...Elysia x