Posted on 20/09/2013

Blazer - Charity Shop / Skirt - H&M / Bracelets - Mostly Boyfriends Inherited 

There hasn't been many white blazers knocking around lately that have the oversized look, yes ok, fitted ones that resemble tux's.. which i actually have, but i wanted one that had more detailing on it that was appropriate for both seasons and a variety of different occasions. So when i found this one i bounced on it! It was originally part of a skirt suit however i just brought the jacket as i didn't want the skirt, although now i kinda regret it! The detailing on the front, back and shoulders of this is exquisite, capturing both elegance and something a bit different. It's a slightly off colour white which i suppose is better than bright white for this because it will be easier to maintain the colour of the garment. 

Skirts are still being carried in to the autumn winter styles as we've seen in stores and online with companies new a/w lines. Of course  and especially... leather! I actually brought this skirt last year however they are around everywhere this season so it'll be easy enough to pick yourself one up!! Its a nice hard soft contrast with the blazer, both the style and the colour of them. 

In my opinion, sometimes, you can't beat a bit of sterling silver, and these bracelets all bundled together are perfect to create either a rocky look or a boho vibe with longer flowy outfits. My green one is the favourite out of the bunch. My mom wants to steal the rest off me ... naughty! 

Anyway G'night Guys... E x

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