Posted on 16/09/2013

Leather pants - Topshop / Hat - Carhartt / Tee - H&M / Shirt - Cow Vintage / Bag - Topshop / Jewels - Made / Boots - RI

It's been pretty damn cold lately hasn't it, so iv'e been wearing my leather pants a lot again. I forgot i even had them but i dug them out and now they're perf for this weather. AND ITS BEANIE WEATHER AGAIN YAY! You can't beat a good ol' beanie, and this one is my fave by Carharrt, always selling these plain ones, i cut the bobble off this one though because the shape is slightly taller on them. (oops). 

My plaid shirt is from Cow Vintage, they have an unbelievable range of plaid shirts that are pre loved or new for their line, so go check them out, and they last forrreverrr, and for all seasons!! My coltrane boots are must with everything i wear lately as i mentioned before. They're glued to my feet, bit obsessive really.

I've been working a lot this week as i have a new job and i love it there so getting time to blog is extra special now, and im going back to university next week (excite!). I'l probably rock this ootd a lot to lectures or town when i'm going to spend my first wages or .. dun dun dunnnnnn Student Loan!! 

Happy Monday guys ... Elysia x

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