Posted on 28/09/2014

We all see skinny jeans knocking all over the place nowadays so I'm taking it back to the live free, have fun, love each other days today on the blog! This is the perfect comfy slip on outfit, the bell bottoms are stretch and I'd say a lot more comfortable than any of the skinny jeans I own. 

I picked up this little vintage gem earlier this year when I was pregnant with Hudson. Along with a slightly different bike rally vest; and I literally live / lived in them at home. We're a motorcycle family... so a Sturgis vest was ideal. We visit NABD every year with Jacks family and Jack and his uncle have Harley's among a garage full of other old school bikes they work on! Even Hudson has one thanks to Uncle Will! 

Whilst I was browsing online sales... always deadly, I came across these flares on Missguided for just £14.99! I couldn't believe it. They're absolutely huge in length so you have to be willing to walk around in heeled boots all day and get a few funny stares. Probably because a lot of people aren't too familiar with this trend. They may be just be thinking 'gosh I used to wear them in the 70's' *taking them back to the good days*.. and they'd be right! 

I'm always one to admit I love second hand things, and I love our weekly outings to carboots (not this week though, way too tired! This bag cost me £2, Jack actually spotted it for me and I managed haggle it down a few quid too. 
  1. Great outfit, and I love your hair!

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  2. great outfit, you have the most amazing hair!! I'm trying to grow mine as long as yours, its gorgeous. would really love if you could check out my fashion blog? :)


    1. Thanks lovely!! Il check out you blog now!! xx