Posted on 02/02/2014

Jumpsuit - Motel Rocks / Hat - Topshop 

Despite looking like a blonde tea pot in the first photo, I loved blogging this, because I don't get to wear it all too much. I've been thinking, being as all of my posts are petty much indoor ones, they're slightly blurry, I'm going to do some posts outside when it stops raining and hope for the best! I know what your wondering, why hasn't she got any shoes on? Well my friends, I just didn't put any on. Although it hurt on this floor!! This jumpsuit, although very 'not subtle' is the perfect ootd for actually any occasion, I went to town like this and only managed to collect a handful of looks .. (obviously thinking where did she get that awesome suit!?) Now I just need the pink one! 

Go on a long walk up the chase with the doggies
Restock on black jeans and leggings
Bake rock cakes and flapjacks for mommy and daddy 

E ... x

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