Braidy Bunch

Posted on 04/08/2013

Kimono - RI / Leotard - American Apparel / Bell bottoms - New Look
Necklace - RI

Let me explain the title of this post first, i watched the braidy bunch last week on tv and was reminded of how absolutely amazing the fashion was back in the 70's, flares and crazy patterns ... who doesnt love em? So this inspired this latest blog post. Even down to the bare feet...
I actually felt like a proper spiritual hippie amongst the bushes and stuff too ha!

This was on again 'one of the hottest days of the year' (how many have we had?!) i've had this Kimono a while now, i picked it up from the holiday section in River Island for a Christening, and i literally try to put it with every outfit i wear. Anything with tassels on lately i just fall in love with!

Obviously, when do American Apparel ever fail? Every piece they launch is super duper lush, especially these leotards that are everywhere now! Perfect with everything and anything. 

Lashings of jewellery as always before my day ahead of gardening (a girls gotta try ehy?)

... Elysia

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