Baseball Grunge

Posted on 01/08/2013

Hat - Carhartt / Baseball tee - H&M / Shoes - Topshop / Bag - Primark

I'l start by saying, you must forgive the quality of some of these photos, my photo editor is having a mare! They will be better than this next time, i promise :) ...

So i thought, as i was home (amongst all the trees and amazing views), what a perfect place to shoot my first pictures for my first official blog post right?

I picked up this baseball tee from h&m a few months back and have been rocking it a lot since this weathers been beaut.. and the best thing?... its HUGE! So you can pair it with some hardcore platforms and wear it as a dress!! I know your thinking a beanie in this weather, what a joke. But i actually love pairing any outfit with a beanie these days, especially with a trusted Carhartt one. 

My Yin Yang nails were a shot in the dark last week as i had some new Barry M varnishes to have a play around with! But I'm not ashamed to say, they're pretty awesome.

NOW... the shoes, these are my favourite pair i own currently, they were a bargain from Topshop at only 50 squids! They're a little grunge, but that's the best! Any shoe/boot with a platform and buckles is a winner for me.

This outfit went down well afterwards whilst i had a few pre-birthday bash fumbles up the local with the gals :)


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