Mink Pink 'Its All Happening Coat' Lusting

Posted on 24/08/2013


Ok so i couldn't help myself, i had to post about this A-mazing coat! I was doing a wishlish on Polyvore and browsing Mink Pink's new products and prints and i came across this earlier in the week. Mink Pink have just pulled it out the bag again, but when do they ever cease to amaze?? I love everything about it! 

This faux fur coat was designed by the talented Rachel Evans, also responsible for the other epic mink pink pieces, and just screams vintage mod!! It features a textured dark rainbow look all over with a fur collar, perfect for the fall in to winter and i am going to rave about this coat until i can pull some money out my bag to purchase it. After all who isn't skint these days!? The detail in this coat is ridiculous, you can see every piece of wool in every different hue, even the gold buttons and the silk navy lining are tip top. You can pick it up from Modcloth.com for $134.99 right here, so around 95-100 pounds. Just guessing though so don't take my word for that, you'll have to get Google on the case! 

Depending on how you like to wear your clothes determines which size, if your like me, you like oversized pieces, i'd probably get this is a medium or a large so it had even more of a vintage feel to it and even better to just 'throw' over your under dress!

I can imagine this being warn on a fall night's get together in a garden with the chimney fire blaring and the little lanterns dawning in the background with everybody drinking corona and listening to some epic tunes. Styling wise over a floaty cream or white maxi with some chunky boots. (Just describing this makes me want it even more).

I hope to post about this coat.. with me actually in it, in the future... I hope you like it too :)


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