Angel of the South... (bell bottom lace crochet all things pretty worded sleeve dress)

Posted on 25/08/2013

Dress - Asos (old) / Hat and Shoes - Topshop

First things first, i do not know what the yellow thing is next to the pot, apologies.. haha! ... THIS, is one hell of a dress right? It's one of my all time faves. I got it from Asos last year, sorry peeps :( although i have had a mooch and there are some similar designs on there so get looking!!! I brought it originally for a birthday and it was massive, and i didn't wear it until the other day when i was going through my wardrobe, and now it fits like a glove... so my guess is my sister has had a cheeky borrow and then shrunk it in the wash... 

Anyway, it features lace crochet sleeves that flare out at the end, kind of like bell bottom sleeves, and remind me of the crochet place mats you used to get at your nans! Or is that just me? They're a great contrast to the silk and chiffon body and the cut out in the back. Obviously styled with black... its all i ever wear. 

Happy bank holiday lovlies... Elysia
  1. I'm loving your outfit! If the dress was in black i would be dying for it, probably literally aha. Also I have nominated you lovely for the Liebster Award :) It's because i like your blog really. The link to my article for your nomination is:

    I promise it's a real thing aha :)

    Have a lovely day :)

  2. Very different, but it looks amazing! xo