Posted on 22/09/2014

Sorry about the absence from the blog posts my darlings! I've been to Wales to visit my sister. The Abergavenny Food Festival to be precise, and being a massive foodie... it was amazing! I'm currently in a food coma still so I'm being lazy today! A hint to what's on the next blog post! Food Food Food! ... So I pestered Jack for these boots for quite a while and eventually he gave in and ordered me them... Thank you Jack you're the best! *insert angel face here* ! They are the perfect shoe for Autumn! ... See and read more below! 

Apologies for the darkness of these photos, the light wasn't good in Manchester! Always a cloudy day! Anyway... The boots, they are the perfect heel height too, not too risque, not too casual. I had my doubts about how baggy they would be around my calves because I have that issue with other knee-high boots and have returned them in the past, but these lived up to their name. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on a black skirt that I'd only wear every so often so I found this in Primark, you can never go wrong in there. Also meaning I could afford the white one I picked up in the Topshop sale the day after (I'll feature it soon.). I had the coat last Christmas from the mother dearest. Its quite formal and structured so very heavy; but to throw on over a small tee or cami, its ideal.

I think its time for a super clear out of clothes today or at least this week, I am a massive clothes hoarder, so getting rid of any clothes is hard! Excuse after excuse as to why I should keep that specific jumper from 2 years ago, or boots I haven't worn in a year but I 'JUST' might one day! Man up Elysia, its time for them to go!

Boots - Topshop
Coat - H&M
Skirt and Bag -Primark
Hat - ASOS
  1. gorgeous boots and a great outfit

    Jennifer Jayne xx

  2. High-Lo coat? YES PLEASE! I'm obsessed!

    Andee I

    1. its the best isnt it!! Cant get enough! :) good blog hun :D xxx