Posted on 24/09/2014

So at the weekend we went down to Wales to visit my older sister Charlotte, and stay the night for a food filled fun lovin' few days at the Abergavenny Food Festival. My sister had bigged it up for a few years to me, telling me about the squirrel sausages and the zebra burgers... yep, weird I know! But I didn't believe it was going to be half as good as it actually was (well I did because it had food in the title of the event but still...).

The cutest coolest coffee pop up stall ever! We obviously had to take a picture too, we love our old school vans and bikes! Plus caffeine came from it, BONUS!

There were hundreds of stalls full of goodness, cakes, cheese, wine, tapas, fish, oils, dips, chocolate, biscuits (take a breath), chilies, ice cream, beer, coffee, and even the odd vintage clothes stall! And loads more! We gorged on oysters and champagne and had a yummy ciabatta from the famous Hangfire Smoke House! Gosh that stuff was good!!!! OH and the fresh coconut stand, I had 2 of them. You were probably meant to savour them a little more than I did, I got through them in about 4 minutes a piece. 

Another thing my sister talked about was the Onion Bhaji Scotch Eggs (shown below) We actually trawled around all day tying to find them, in the abyss of food and people we weren't having much luck. After asking someone who had absolutely no clue what we were referring too, we just so happened to be standing in front of the stall with a big sign that said 'ONION BHAJI SCOTCH EGGS' .. Oh there they are yaaaaaaaaaaay. 

There was one thing that absolutely amazed us, there was a family serving small traditional Italian handmade pizzas. And one by one they sat in front of the open stone stove fire turning them for every single customer. We have now decided that we want one in our back garden. But Jack is determined to make a slightly larger one to fit 14 inch's in! 

There were many good food photo opportunities as you can see, and the odd funny random sign! *'how instagamable'*

For the people of rugeley, a home away from home away from home

A large pat of the food festival 'The Castle' unfortunately was closed by the time we went the first day, but we managed to get thee early on Sunday and oh am I pleased we did, cheese toasties the size of mountains and views you just will not ever forget. Over looking the Welsh vallies as they say, with old ruined parts of the castle cascading the event. It was so beautiful I wish I could have stayed forever, living in the outdoors like a true hippie! (we do actually now want to move there when I've finished with uni muaha). 

Inside the market hall, shadowed with a variety of flying pigs... there were a little group of people promoting a specific delicacy; COCOA! Now we weren't actually allowed to eat the raw cocoa beans, but we tried the chocolate that was made from them, over 98%. Very strong but oh so good.  After my taste of the sweet stuff I had to have a little more so we headed to the part of the festival that stood home to the cakes and pastries, we found a range of flavoured monstrous meringues next to mini 2 layer cakes, all I wanted to do was eat them all, but it was only 1 and it was a little too hot to carry chocolate cake around all day!  

Everywhere was beautiful, even the little shops, painted pink and decorated in little vintage bunting. Heavenly!! Hudson absolutely loved being nosy at everything (so cultured ha!). We finished the weekend with a group shot for keeps... obviously! So guys, I would definitely recommend going next year and the year after and the years after that! You wont reget it. Book yourself a hotel and plan ahead! There's plenty of night events too with fireworks and booze ups! Could it be any more perfect?!
  1. Looks amazing! Bet you had a fabulous day! And you look beautiful to boot! Not to mention the cutest baby ever!

    Much love, Niamh xx
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