Posted on 13/04/2014

White studded leather - Motel rocks
Leather Joggers - Missguided
Top - Zara
Shoes - Topshop

This post took a little longer to upload than usual because of my silly laptop mixed with photograph pixel and resolution issues (blogger problems)! Although the suns been out the past few days, it has been rather chilly, but then again its very are I am not cold. A coat or jacket was probably essential for most of us out there still, am i right!? (although we all have those leather jacket hot flushes). This one I picked up from the sample sale whilst in London whilst helping the girls out at their office... and boy I don't regret it! I didn't realise how nice it was till I put it on again! Finally blogging my plaid slip ons too, which are still available in Toppers, along with all the other beautiful snake skin, leopard skin an who knows what other skin effect!
The best thing that has happened over the past few days is my boyfriend and I have upgraded our sky (LONG overdue) to HD on demand... yes I'm that much of a tele film freak, and I'm counting down the days until I can watch whichever rom com, horror or episode of supernatural I want whenever I want again! (I only have this luxury at my parents you see).

Scoff a huge steak baguette
Buy baby MORE clothes
Came to see the family
Off to the cinema to watch The Quiet Ones later

  1. Love the leather joggers and top, i'm like you I always feel the cold. Fab outfit pop over to xxx

  2. In love with the leather jacket and it goes amazing with the outfit

  3. Your trousers are amazing and so is your hair x