Posted on 20/10/2013

Dress - Topshop (old) / Bag - Accessorize / Boots - Topshop / Bracelets - Ebay and h&m

This dress is ridiculously old, but you know you can always style the same kinda outfit the same anyways :) I was going through my wardrobe as it definitely needs sorting out, i have so much in there its a joke, a lot of it is years old too and there is no chance of me wearing any of the pieces or fitting in to them!!!

This is my favouriteeee bag ever! My dad brought it me about 3 years ago but accessorize always have beaded embroidered little bags like this perfect for slouching over your shoulder to give a pop to any outfit! Its also in good shape still, which is surprising because i bulk it out stupidly when I'm getting ready at a friends. I have been home this weekend, again, planning things for my paps birthday and shopping again, brought some super black shoes from River Island in the sale. And i'm a size 4 so i get all the good picks.. (i fit in to a size 3 in the pair i brought....) It's been noticed that my feet are shrinking over the years, anyway its Monday tomorrow i know how you all feel.

Night lovers.. E x

  1. So simple, yet such a beautiful look! I love the way you've accesorized it with turquoise, my favourite stone!

  2. Love this look and how you have balanced out the colours, so simple but yet effective!

    Eloise | simplynaturale xo