Posted on 04/09/2013

Dress - Topshop / Cover up - Charity Shop / Boots - Topshop / Necklace - Made by me / Bracelets - boyfriend's uncles and H&M

So after a week off I've decided to do some blogging in the comfort of home. I had to move the cat half way through because he was photo bombing on the sofa!! Hope you like it...

This dress was one of my favourites last year from Topshop, and its gone through this year being the same, and fits too (and you can't go wrong with crochet OR cut outs). Now, the cover up... it's from a charity shop and its actually an old button up dress, I've just opened it and removed the shoulder pads, but how nice is it really, such a bargain. 

As i recently mentioned, my boyfriend had inherited a heap full of sterling silver pendants and jewellery and i was like a kid at Christmas when i saw it all, the necklace i have on here is a pair of tights with one of his pendants on it. DIY madness. Same with the stone pendant bracelet, this was also a little find in his treasure box. The boots i have are similar to the usual ones i feature but they're slightly more casual with 3 buckles on them to grunge up any outfit. My barbie pink lipstick is Barry M and my hair, well there's just no excuse for my hair, 90s kid special!

Ps... I apologise for all the weird faces you can see in the reflections in the mirror, hehe.

...Elysia x

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