Posted on 17/03/2014

Bit of a random post today, just about the time I spent down in LDN at Motel Rocks helping out the lovelies there and working the sample sale! These, my little blogging buddies, are the goodies and absolute amazing pieces I acquired whilst I was there... and I've got to say, even i am impressed... Its safe to say I pretty much have a whole new wardrobe.

My favourite pieces from the week are the leather jackets .. because who goes wrong with a leather jacket? ever? You can never have too many, and this certainly upped my collection... especially ready for the summer with the white and silver! Also the 2 velvet dresses, one crushed velvet in jade, and the other black (always) maxi which has beautiful lace detail... perfect for actually any weather, just whack a pair of black boots on the cooler days.

I also got a sneak peak of Motel Rocks new season prints, which as always, did not disappoint! Season after season motel offer to us a range of unique and bold prints that you can not get anywhere else! And that's why my love for this brand in ridiculous. My favourite is the sunflower print, I need it in every style!! Go shop some of the prints here! Thanks to everyone who took me under their wing in the office, it was lovely meeting you all!!

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E x
  1. ah, your so lucky, I love motel! you got so many beautiful pieces!

  2. LOVE this post- Motel Rocks is such a good fast fashion brand. I love the layout of your blog :)

    Lindsey xx


  3. I've nominated your blog for the Liebster Award because it is so lovely.
    Follow this link to my blog to find out the questions you have to answer and how to pass it on.

    Much love x