Posted on 08/10/2013

Fur Gillet - Charity Shop / Skirt - H&M / Shirt - Topshop / Boots - H&M / Necklaces - Made

I apologise for my mullet style hair do in these photos, it was completely unintentional and I've only just noticed my business at the front, party at the back doo! Being as it is getting a tad chilly and gillets are a must have this season, as soon as i spotted this on the rail in my local charity shop i pounced on it, i didn't even look at the price... not that i had to in a charity shop but hey! And this little treasure was just £2.95!!! *Gasp* It kinda does go with everything too, when i am venturing out to uni or work, it works well over my leather jacket, as does my black gillet. This is the perfect skirt too, being mesh its not too warm and doesn't make you shiver your knickers off when your outside either! My boyfriend had some old crystals knocking around so i cut some velvet necklace rope and threaded it on, now i have my favourite ever piece of jewellery!!

Also, who started off this horrible flu that's being passed around!? I have fell latest victim and its no fun struggling to even breathe through a nostril! But ... there's always time for a blog post!!!

I'm currently in the process of planning an outfit for Vogues Fashion Night Out in Manchester this Thursday, and I am completely gutted that the perfect pink pvc skirt from Topshop has sold out... isn't everyone? My bank account might have to take a little hit tonight on ebay. 

... Elysia x

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